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in need of financial assistance

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Patient Need: nearly $6M


Up to 149 patients waiting for financial assistance!

$5,725,446 paid to date

3,107 grants given and

Mother with son after bone marrow transplant

"I was blown away when our social worker told me about the financial grants you approved for us. I am a single mom, my husband passed away a few years ago, so it has been a challenge to be with my son throughout his cancer treatment and survive financially! Your incredible generosity has helped us so much this month. I am so moved."

— Ashlee, mother of 

bone marrow transplant recipient, Michael,

pictured here


Right now patients with life-threatening blood cancers and disorders need us more than ever. We have seen a staggering increase in the need for financial assistance, and in response, the number of grants Be The Match has given to patients and their families has increased 91%* over the prior year. For these patients, these funds are crucial to their transplant journey.

With your support we can provide financial assistance to our patients and their families as they overcome financial barriers before, during and after transplant.

Together, we can
SAY YES to every patient in need.


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The Be The Match patient assistance program is funded solely through the philanthropic support of our life-saving community. Without their generosity, this critical program wouldn’t be possible.


In 2020 the Be The Match patient assistance program provided 2,075 families with financial assistance totaling $4.8 Million.


As a direct result of the ongoing pandemic, the number of grants Be The Match has given to patients in 2021 has increased 91%* over the prior year.

Patient grant data (April’20 vs. Oct-April’21)